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OsiPOS Store Front End - Not just a computerised cash register

Are your retail staff complaining about your current software? Its a common problem, retail staff are unhappy with their current POS system. And [we] hear it all the time... Why? because most POS software systems fail to place both the needs of its users & their customers first.
Lets face it, all your staff want to do is make sales and be able to do this effectively and efficiently !
OsiPOS software is renowned for being both robust & user friendly for both retail staff & customer efficiency. Customers can feel confident that the time they spend in your store is on a pleasant shopping experience and not waiting in line while retail staff apologise saying "Sorry, we've got computer problems..." After all your reputation & customer service depends on it !

The OsiPOS Point Of Sale System has a vast array of front end control & reporting tools designed for owners to take control of what happens at the "Retail coal face". OsiPOS is a dynamic point of sale software that's designed to fulfill the increasing demands of a competitive retail environment. OsiPOS is a powerful yet user friendly software, which fully utilizes information gained at the time of sale to provide retail managers and store owners with the necessary information to maximize profitability and productivity, focusing on the major factors essential for survival in today's highly competitive marketplace.

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Customer CRM

OsiPOS VIP CRM module The OsiPOS CRM module is an outstanding addition to our software suite. With a fully integrated VIP CRM system your customers can feel like VIP's.

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OsiPOS software helps you take control !