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Controlling your Inventory is vital...
OsiPOS provides you with the tools to analyze stock

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Successful retailers know what stock they're carrying In today's competitive retail environment its the retailer who knows what's happening with their stock who'll be the most successful. OsiPOS RMS software gives the retailer that competitive edge. From being able to forward forecast stock needs, through to advanced stock control modules, OsiPOS software will help you make the important business decisions that all owner operators need to make...

Every retailer needs that helping hand. OsiPOS software helps the retailer through our time saving stock control modules. The days of clipboard and pen are over !!! Why spend valuable floor time in manual cycle counting & stocktaking, when it can all be achieved through our seamless PDE or Android Barcode Scanning Operations.

Our advanced stock control & Stocktake modules will give you 100% accurate Stocktake reporting. You'll know what stock you have in your business and the guess work will be gone !

OsiPOS software will give you help you become a successful retailer.

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Stock Control

If you're a Retailer who's passionate about your business, then you'll know that compromising on your software tools is not an option. OsiPOS is a software package that will help you grow !.

Retail Stock Risks

Knowing how to manage your stock is one of the most important aspects of retailing. After all its the life blood of your business and an investment in your future. OsiPOS helps take away the guess work.


With OsiPOS you'll have up to the minute accurate reporting. If your operations include a multi company chain store then we have the answers for you ! Our software will coordinate multi store based ops..

Retail Consulting

Our specialist software consultants will ensure that your OsiPOS software runs smoothly. Our 24/7 support service is designed so that when your retailers are working then we should be working too !!!.