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Stock Control

It's not Rocket science !For retailers with “Warehouse” capacity, OsiPOS is the ideal solution to ensuring seamless and accurate warehouse -> store distribution, thus enabling your Head Office to oversee and control the day to day distribution process.

All in all the OsiPos Head Office capability enhances all aspects of your business operation and gives you the sophisticated analysis that allows for really informed decision-making. Many retailers across Australia & New Zealand are already reaping the rewards of the OsiPos back office system which can be tailored to meet your needs.

OsiPOS Capabilities Being able to keep stock moving out of your warehouse & off the shelf is the key to retailing success – and also, if not to a customer then to another branch where there is a higher demand – The OsiPos Head Office functionality can ensure that your stock & money is not tied up unnecessarily

OsiPOS Stock ControlOsiPOS utilizes it's ability to automatically update stock on hand (SOH) at the point of sale, OsiPOS updates and transposes its sales data into a myriad of reporting ptions which are exceptional in design, easy to read and analyse, yet sophisticated in delivering to users the information needed so that critical business decisions can be made with confidence...

OsiPOS - Point Of Sale reporting modules gives to the operator information on critical areas such as Gross Sales & Margins,
Units & Value sold which can encompass many forms and deliver to users vital information on all aspects of their business.
These reporting modules are GST compliant and allow operators to dissect & examine GST (Tax) % amounts as simply
as looking at their reports...


OsiPOS IM Consultancy


Inventory Management Consultancy Service OceanRoad Agencies offers to all our clients our "Inventory Management Review" program. In conjunction with OsiPOS software we will review for you key problem areas in your business inventory and report back to you with an up to date data analysis;

*Stock Reduction Opportunities
*Forecast planning of stock turns
*Implementation of KPI's within an inventory strategy
*Stock Buying Strategys that will provide better stock control & profits

One key element in creating a successful and highly profitable company is by implementing and maintaining tight control over inventory levels. The secret is in maintaining enough inventory to provide a high customer service level while simultaneously keeping less inventory than your competitors, with the attendant reduction in costs.

Keeping Inventory Costs under control
While inventory is the largest asset many companies have, it unfortunately consumes space, ages quickly, and sometimes becomes obsolete. Maintaining a large inventory does not, by itself, create value for customers but can confuse customers.
But for many companies, inventory is a necessary element of the business cycle and must be carefully managed.

We find that many companies underestimate the cost of carrying inventory. Calculating the carrying costs & other factors can easily be overlooked. In particular, the major costs of high stock levels include increased rent expense, higher handling costs, greater product damage, frequent product obsolescence, and delays in noticing customer trends. OceanRoad Agencies in conjunction with our specialized software "OsiPOS RMS" will help the retailer produce the business outcomes that they deserve. Stock Control is NOT rocket science and nor should it be...

Effective inventory management plays a crucial role in the smooth and efficient running of any organization. Reducing excess inventory and investing in the right inventories leads to better customer service, better inventory turnover—and a healthier bottom line.
OsiPOS Software will help osiPOS users in determining their inventory management control and helping businesses to equip managers with the fundamental tools and techniques they need to use to analyze and control inventory, from cost-cutting techniques to day-to-day management and the latest developments in inventory handling, including the basics of OsiPOS reporting analysis and customer relationship promotions. Call us now for advanced inventory control advice ! Let OsiPOS Point Of Sale Software help you acheive results !


POS Inventory Control- Know it, Learn it, Implement !