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WINPOS Point Of Sale WINPOS Functionality
As a retailer you know that business is dynamic and exciting on the surface, but requires some serious effort behind the scenes to run your business profitably. For over 20 years, OsiPOS software has brought unparalleled automation to specialty retailers to tame the complexity and simplify day-to-day retail operations. Our exciting NEW range of WINPOS sales modules will deal with any area that covers normal retail operations. Our OsiPOS software modules boast a variety of options to help you take control !

True multi-size and multi –colour stock control, add, modify, delete stock lines, hypertext search facility, 5 level stock lookup include barcode, 5 tier stock categorization, 16 different colours per stock item, unlimited size ranges, season and purchase flag options, 5 level pricing structure including multiple tax ranges, last and average costing, group and branch costing selection, markup % calculation for selling prices, markdown recording, price point by colour, re-order quantities and levels, on-sale price maintenance, automatic generation of barcodes by size and colour, barcodes designed for your business, automatic importing of selected supplier’s information including supplier code, barcodes, colours, sizes, descriptions, quantity/pack breakdowns, cost price and RRP

Surf Industry - OsiPOS Retail Order Import System OSIPOS (Surf Industry) Retail Order Import System (OsiRois) helps you select style ranges, create and control purchase ordering including style allocations across multiple branches, incoming supplier confirmations and credits for a single store through to international buying groups …. all from the comfort of your favorite chair
Then when the stock arrives the OSIPOS Distribution Model takes over. The head office/warehouse
calls up purchase orders into the Distribution Model which prints picking slips, transfer slips and keeps record
of your delivery box numbers. The final processing receives the stock, prints barcodes (if required) in pack
breaks by stores and automatically transfers the stock in OSIPOS to its destination
* Schedule automatic downloads of style ranges from each of the major supporting brands
* Range information by supplier style code, description, size, colour, delivery by month, season, pack breaks
* View catalogue pictures as you select your purchases (where provided by the supplier)
* Import only the ordered lines or complete ranges direct into OSIPOS
* Add new size ranges on the fly
* Unlimited stock lines in the stock base
* Linking between Brand stock base and your OSIPOS stock base with ability to clone from a parent range
* Pricing override for RRP and costing by individual price level
* Stock base classification override by department, sub-department, product, category and season
* Automatically generated Lookup Codes option with the brand, plus the category – for example BILTEE
* Purchase Orders splits can be created by warehouse for branches and tracked by Supplier account numbers
* Replicate complete Purchase Orders or distribute using specific split % across other stores
* Email orders to your suppliers
* On the fly calculations for order values and quantities
* Instant view of the orders against a single line in a range across all branches
* Generate summaries on each style showing order number and delivery
* Distribution by store is based on your original purchase orders
* Picking slips per store are automatically produced
* Quantity confirmations / adjustments can be entered by staff
* Stock is received in OSIPOS
* Box numbers allocated for delivery can be recorded for each store
* Stock can be automatically transferred according to the store allocation
* Barcodes are auto printed (if required) according to the style pack breaks and individual store allocation
* Transfer slips are generated on a store-to-store level
* Remote store notification of pending shipments

OsiPOS Dashboard

Sales, Stock & Transfers Data !The new OSIPOS Retail Management System Dashboard sits in the background while you work. It offers instant snapshots of;

* Sales
* Warehouse - Store Transfers
* Stock Received
* Sales Budgets & Graphs

The "Dashboard" can be used in a small Single Store, or Head Office with branches environment. The tiered panels constantly update according to the interval you select.

Highlights of this program
* Updating via SQL database and Internet
* Sales for the day for all stores
* Shows top styles across all stores
* Drill down on all transactions
* Ascending / descending sorting
* Laptop accessibility
* Driven by powerful SQL database
* Automatic SMS Alerts to Managers
* Alerts for Discounts / Returns / Credit
* Can be used as an investigative tool
* Can be used for staff / cashier incentives

On Screen Options Allow
* Quick switch between sales, transfers and receiving views
* Force an instant refresh of the data if you can’t wait for the scheduled update
* Drop immediately into the configuration area to modify settings
* Reset or modify selection filters
* Suspend the Dashboard and re-activate as required.

RMS Sales & Budgets

OSIPOS Sales and Budgets allows management to control day-by-day, weekly or monthly sales and banking budgets for head office, branches and single stores, based on past year’s figures. Nett earnings and budget shortfalls are two key factors in any business and these are quickly identified with the program. Graphing individual store’s performances will make this tool beneficial for managers and the data can be simply exported into OSIPOS WhatsGoinOn module.
* Professionally presented * Use your business logo (if required)
* Exportable to PDF and MS Excel formats * Print to Laser Printers

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New Technologies

Driven by powerful, high-speed SQL server and using Crystal Reporting, OSIPOS Retail Management System reports are now tailored, flexible and FAST. A basic suite will be provided with some of the most commonly-used reports While the normal OSIPOS reports are always available to you, the new easy to follow pre-report selection area lets you tick and flick your way through an assortment of multi-group, multi filtering functions to shape and detail critical report data to your specific needs. These full colour, hi-definition reports are
* Professionally presented * Use your business logo (if required)
* Exportable to PDF and MS Excel formats * Print to Laser Printers

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