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OceanRoad Agencies- Copyright Notices

Terms of Use:

OceanRoad Agencies maintains this web site as a service for its business - OceanRoad Agencies A.B.N. 29 204 039 171 and those wishing to
learn more about the products & services we provide. Maintenance of this website is done as part of OceanRoad Agencies A.B.N. 29 204 039 171
business office. At the time of publication of this website, all information contained is true & accurate at the time of posting the website.
OceanRoad Agencies reserves the right to change and alter any information regarding its services & products, and without notice.

Permission to use materials from this web site is subject to the restrictions set out below. By viewing, downloading, or
using any of the materials published on this web site, you agree to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree, you should not view,
download or use these materials.

Use of copyright and trademark materials
Downloading software
Links to third party web sites
No warranties; limitation of liability
Applicable laws
OceanRoad copyright notice


1. Use of copyright and trademark materials
This web site is our copyright property. The trademarks referred to in

this web site are trademarks of OceanRoad Agencies. OceanRoad Agencies, its logo's and name are registered trademarks of Australian Law

Photos and Graphical imagery used, are used with the kind permission of our supporting agents, businesses, customers and suppliers.
Copying & use of any form of imagery from this website is totally prohibited.

OceanRoad Agencies hereby authorizes you to view, download, print, copy, distribute, and use the materials published by
OceanRoad Agencies on this web site, provided that:

No modifications are made to materials without the prior written permission of OceanRoad Agencies.
Images from this site, including OceanRoad Agencies logos and web page graphic design, are not to be reproduced or posted to your website

without the prior written permission of OceanRoad Agencies. Materials are used solely for only informational, personal or non-

commercial use and are not copied or posted on any network computer or broadcast in any media without the written permission of
OceanRoad Agencies. The following copyright notice appears on all materials: "Copyright" ©

2011 OceanRoad Agencies

The copyright, trademark, and other proprietary notices are not removed from the materials.

2. Downloading software All software and documentation supplied with such software that is made

available for download from this web site is the copyrighted work of OceanRoad Agencies or its suppliers. Software and documentation
ownership is retained by the copyright holder. Ownership is not transferred to you; you are only licensed to use the forms for
informational purposes only

Agreement accompanying such forms. Please read OceanRoad Agencies Agreement

that accompanies each form product before downloading. By downloading the business forms & material, you agree to the terms of the
license agreement. Additional information on downloading "OceanRoad Agencies forms & information"

3. Links to third party web sites
From time to time, OceanRoad Agencies may include links to various third party web sites in its own web site. Such linked third party sites are
not under the control of OceanRoad Agencies - has not reviewed all of the sites linked at its internet site and does not assume any responsibility or
liability for the contents available at any such linked site. The inclusion of any such link does not in any way imply referrals or endorsement by
OceanRoad Agencies of the linked site; such links are provided for convenience only. Use of any such linked site is at the user's own risk.
Users linking to 3rd party websites MUST be protected by antivirus software

4. No warranties; limitation of liability. The information presented in this web site is provided by OceanRoad Agencies as part of its business
for OceanRoad Agencies as an information source only. You must make your own assessment of it and not rely on it wholly as verbatum
at your own risk.

OceanRoad Agencies makes no warranty or representation regarding the accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability for any purpose of the
information provided on the web site.

OceanRoad Agencies is not liable for any loss or damage to you or anyone else resulting from or relating to information or omissions on this
web site, including, without limitation, damage to your computer hardware, data, information, materials and business resulting from the use or
access, or information or lack thereof, available on the OceanRoad Agencies web site.

5. Applicable laws. OceanRoad Agencies on behalf of OceanRoad Agencies software controls this web site (excluding third party linked sites)
from its offices within the state of Victoria, Australia.

OceanRoad Agencies makes no representation that the materials or linked websites on the OceanRoad Agencies website are appropriate
or available for use in other locations, and accessing them from jurisdictions where their contents are illegal is prohibited. If you choose to
access this site from one such jurisdiction, you do so at your own risk and are solely responsible for compliance with all the laws of your
jurisdiction. By accessing and using this site you agree that the law of the state of Victoria will apply to all issues and matters relating to
or arising from your use of this web site.

6. OceanRoad Agencies Copyright Notice
Copyright © 2011 OceanRoad Agencies - All materials available from this web site are protected by copyright and trademark laws of
Australia and international treaties