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OsiPOS - CRM Customer Relationship is what its all about !

What is OsiPOS CRM ??? IThe new OSIPOS Customer Relationship Manager provides a fully fledged customer loyalty program that interfaces with the existing OSIPOS Retail Management System. The development and sustainability of your business could be based on this dynamic program and you are only limited by your imagination. Here are just some of the features;

You have the ability to simply and easily design and send emails, SMS and gift vouchers to clients based on a wide range of criteria including age, gender, birthdate, loyalty points, where and where they shop, what they purchase, favourite brands, interests and much more

Historical, personal, sales and demographic data is collated in an SQL Server to assist with decision-making for target marketing and help identify buying trends

Rules can be created with a vast range of selection criteria to control the distribution of communications to your VIP clientelle
A detailed preview of each Rule scenario enables you to test for the most successful results before you commit

In-store and web-based sign-up available

Four levels of web-based login to suit everyone – from businesses with no web presence, to those with well entrenched sites overseen by web masters

Single screen customer enquiry with drill down to sales, transactions and gift vouchers is provided by the CRM Client

Head Office and Branch automatically update via internet and SQL Server allowing modification to client’s details and gift vouchers to be redeemed instantaneously regardless of the location

OSIPOS Email Distribution Server controls the automatic scheduling of your email and SMS communiqués incorporating attachments such as gift vouchers

OSIPOS Form Designer helps you create your own gift vouchers, special events invitations and more

Customer data from external sources can be seamlessly imported into the CRM by our OSIPOS Team
What are you waiting for? The CRM will benefit both you and your clients and help to dramatically improve your business and lighten your load

Customer CRM

OsiPOS VIP CRM module The OsiPOS CRM module is an outstanding addition to our software suite. With a fully intergrated VIP CRM system your customers can feel like VIP's.

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Using Your VIP Card

CRM can track Sales with VIP CardsTo reward your frequent purchasers, consider giving them a VIP card that gives them a certain percentage discount or acculated points ever time they buy from you. Consider having a “VIP Loyalty Day” and have them bring in friends for discounts on certain days.
With the steady rise in prices why not reward your clients with a VIP card solution or Loyalty card solution. OsiPOS CRM in conjunction with your VIP cards helps reward your customers & gives the client a feel of being appreciated, when they purchase something at your store you give them points that ends up rewarding them with a discount, merchandise or credit gift voucher. Having this system also helps you keep track of your customers spending habits, gives you an idea of who comes into your store and helps you pay more attention to the customers that do come in frequently. It also helps in telling you what type of stock your customers like to buy and this in turn helps with future buying needs

OsiPOS CRM module will help you track your customers sales trends, anywhere - anytime!!!