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Your business deserves qualityWe offer our clients a "No compromise" on quality when it comes to their important POS & PC hardware solution. Quality is what we're all about and the suppliers we use have that same belief. Our POS hardware solutions utilise the latest technology advances in POS technology to reduce costs, control inventory, enforce policies and provide superior customer service when it counts. The combination of a robust hardware platform and a reliable hardware system provides OsiPOS users with a lower total cost of ownership over the life of their products. The reliability and performance of your future POS Hardware is paramount to the success of your business.

Affordable Hardware

POS Printers & Report PrintersWhether you're needing to produce clear readable docket receipts for your customers or delivering accurate clear reports to the Managing Director, your printer solutions are as critical as the data its accessing. Our range of Epson docket printers and Hewlitt Packard laser printers will deliver the amazing quality, speed and longevity you need

PC Computer HardwareOceanRoad Agencies in conjunction with OsiPOS has a great range of quality PC's & computer hardware for the mission critical retailer.
We stock all forms of computer hardware, from entry level to the most up-to-date, cutting edge products. We also consult with our customers on a huge variety of laptop solutions. So whether you are after a new POS computer solution or maybe a mobile laptop solution you'll find all your needs with us !.

POS SERVERS - Pre Built IBM SERVERS We specialize in pre-built IBM SERVER solutions to ensure that your business needs are met. Optimised and integrated, IBM tower and rack servers feature advanced energy efficiency and industry leading virtualisation capabilities. And with a broad portfolio of IBM Server offerings. For smaller workloads or branch offices, IBM System x Tower Express servers pack in plenty of processing power and storage, and offer growing businesses the flexibility to start small and easily add capacity over time. Whatever your computing needs – be it file and print, email, collaboration or virtualisation – IBM System x Tower Express servers deliver exceptional value, reliability, performance and ease of use. You'll be free to choose the solution that's right for your business needs

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