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OsiPOS Solutions

SQL Driven Database Reporting OsiPOS SQL driven reporting now provides our retailers with up to the minute accurate reporting. Our suite of reports includes all aspects of Inventory, Sales, Customer, & Supplier reporting. Our unique "Size & Colour" matrix allows users to drill down to the finite of stock & sales movements.

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About OsiPOS Analytical Tools

Cash Registers vs POS Software Reports Gone are the days when running a daily cash register strip was the norm. Our OsiPOS software modules use real time sales tracking reports giving you exact breakdowns of your business categories. Best Sellers, easy !, Best Cashier, easy !, Total Customers, easy ! No more will you need to transpose & pencil in those daily totals from your cash register roll to your old general ledger book, its all done by the click of a mouse !

Can OsiPOS tell me what my best seller was? Of course !, this is one of our basic fundamentals that all retail stores need to know. What was our best sellers... OsiPOS has amongst the best analytical sales tools in the POS software market. No more will you as the retailer be left in the dark !!!

Cash & Credit Control Modules OsiPOS boasts a full spectrum of POS control modules that will help you as the owner to take control of all aspects of staff purchases, customer purchases & credit accounts with a fully integrated end of day cash up system. Full audit control modules will keep you in the loop of what's happening on the shop floor and help you keep an eye on things !!!!

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Company Solutions

Control your stores from Head Office OsiPOS boasts a full spectrum of "Stock Distribution & Stock Control" Head Office based reports...

Even if your the operator of a small or medium sized retail chain, or the group of a corporate chain store base, OsiPOS gives you the tools to consolidate stock & data from all of your stores at once, as well as move inventory from within your company store base.
This is achieved giving you the ability to set prices by store, by colour, discount by department & categories, as well as being able to utilize other specialised stock control functions across your store group.

Your business relies on timely information and it's the OsiPOS "Stock Control & Reporting" options that will provide you with the information to help you maximize profitability & efficiency.

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Transforming Your Business

Integration NOT Interfaces ! OsiPOS software is unlike most POS Inventory systems, in so far as we see our product as an "Integration" of functionality. What does this mean? It means that we've not just bolted together software modules in the hope that it all gels together. OsiPOS software is designed to complement and unify each function that helps run your business. We do this by ensuring that your business takes full advantage of our unique data management modules.

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Training & Documentation

Our OsiPOS training will ensure that you and your staff are fully conversant with all aspects of of software. We won't compromise on quality training and we encourage our clients to discover the benefits of OsiPOS Training so that you and your staff can take full advantage of the benefits to your business

The more knowledgeable you and your staff are on how to use the OsiPOS software functions, the greater the value you have in controlling your business !

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