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OsiPOS Store Front End - Control, Productivity & Integration

Lay By System - Features & Benefits In today's competitive retail environment, offering a point of difference is often vital in your attempts to attract new customers. Offering your customers a comprehensive Lay-By service could just be that point of difference.

OsiPOS store front end software offers a comprehensive Lay-By module that will enable you to confidently to process and manage your Lay-By customers. Lay-By deposit %, Cancellation %, Flexible Lay-By Terms, Terms and Conditions of Lay-By's printed fully so that you & your customer know what's required. Lay-By details such as stock transactions, customer name, address, contact details and purchased items are all entered via our POS software at the point of sale. Lay-By deposits are automatically calculated and the customer receipt is printed off clearly & accurately, detailing Lay-By No# the items purchased, deposits paid & balance outstanding. Lay-By terms and conditions are set out to enable the retailer & customer to track and recall on future visits to the store. A store copy receipt is also printed off so that it can be attached to the Lay-By items.
A fully comprehensive Lay By purchase and payment history is recorded for each customer and is easily retrievable for both shop front & back office operations & reporting purposes....

Gift Vouchers & Credit Notes - Features & Benefits Giving your customers the ability to purchase a gift card/vouchers is a great way to increase sales and exposure of your retail stores

Customers have the ability to choose how much the voucher will be for, who it is for and purchase it there and then on the spot for immediate use throughout your store base. Everything is synchronised through our DSL technology so that once a Gift Voucher OR a Credit Note is issued, it is automatically generated and the information available throughout the store chain within minutes. Customers can then choose to either return to your store and use their voucher or credit note, or simply go along to any of your other company retail outlets and then use it towards purchases within the group. Our OsiPOS Gift Voucher & Credit Note systems allows customers to use part of their gift voucher & credit note purchase on partial sales and the remaining amount on future purchases. OsiPOS Gift Voucher & Credit Note systems have a fully integrated back office as well as store module reporting system. Gift Vouchers, Gift Cards & Credit Notes can be customized so that time restrictions placed on cards can be flexible & manageable The setup of gift vouchers and credit notes in your OsiPOS system includes custom design of the vouchers to match the branding of your business (CRM based only)

POS Control - Inventory & Cash Control - Features & Benefits

OsiPOS based retailers will certainly benefit from the OsiPOS retail POS system. It’s easy to use and enables cashiers to ring up sales fast so that waiting cues are short. Scanning an item through OsiPOS is as simple as scanning the bar code, Sales, discounts and specialty pricing are automatically calculated by OsiPOS. Our system is designed to require the least amount of key strokes necessary to process a customers sale, and performs functions much faster than a traditional cash register. Quick tender keys make cash transactions fast, and payment by credit card and gift vouchers is very simple. Payment by other tender types such as Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Debit EFT and so on are able to be customized to your needs. Traditional cheque accounts are also supported. Capturing the data from every transaction is key to OsiPOS success. Transposing that data into real-time information is the cornerstone of our software!

OsiPOS Front of Store Software Advantages FEATURES
• Accurate pricing & stock enquiry information at POS
• Stock Returns Management
• Promotions, Discounts
• Sales & GST compliance
• Multi tender, Multi Sale items
• Customer Orders & Accounts Management
• Integrated Credit Card, EFT & Pin pad technology
• Comprehensive POS Front of Store Report in Modules


• Increase profitability
• Store theft & shrinkage
• Real-time advanced reporting
• Increase customer traffic
• GST & Margin accuracy
• Forecast stock control
• Improve customer service
• Prevent over buying
• Targeted promotions
• Manual bookkeeping no longer
• Reduce over staffing

Finally, OsiPOS software is really flexible, and comes in a wide variety of capabilities, making it suitable both for small, single shop/store operations as well as Multi-Store chain environments. OsiPOS software also has the ability to allow the owner to customise their function menus, separating back office & store functionality.
Efficiency, information tracking, and flexibility are the greatest benefits of OsiPOS point of sale software. Besides giving your customers a better retail experience, OsiPOS software also provides a vast array of back office functionality & reporting capability, productivity stats and inventory information all with the click of a button.

Customer CRM

OsiPOS VIP CRM module The OsiPOS CRM module is an outstanding addition to our software suite. With a fully integrated VIP CRM system your customers can feel like VIP's.

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So What Are The Benefits ???

OsiPOS - Ultimate Benefits !!!There are many benefits of using OsiPOS point of sale software to the point where its almost impossible to operate a successful business without it. From information tracking to inventory control OsiPOS software can greatly streamline the operation of your business and boost your sales.

Additionally, OsiPOS Point of Sale software keeps track of what items are sold, and automatically adjusts your inventory in real-time for those items, so you're no longer stuck searching high and low for stock items, only to find that you sold out yesterday. This aspect of inventory control is extremely important for increasing your sales, as you can also use the software to track which items are selling well, as well as keep track of slower moving items. And, order more accurately. This is also really helpful in determining which items in your stock are seasonal, and which are simply unpopular. Also, OsiPOS software produces data that is easy to store, unlike physical column ledger books or paper invoices.
OsiPOS software also provides a wealth of information when it comes to daily sales trends. By putting a time stamp on transactions, OsiPOS software can inform you of your peak selling hours, giving you a better idea of your daily staff needs. This software can even track which of your staff/cashiers are making the most sales, which is extremely useful when it comes to knowing staff performance, and how you will adjust staff numbers accordingly.

OsiPOS software helps you take control - Using our powerful SQL Reporting Functionality !